What We Do

Our society could provide:

  • Training/Consulting: Experiential and innovative ways for business environment re-orientation and organizational procedures and objectives
  • Formative Events: Kick offs, Canvas, Conventions, Closures, Integrated Events for problematic formative projects
  • Cybersecurity: A comprehensive suite of talent and training services helping individuals and companies to be winners in the age of the digital revolution. With Specializing in the technical and people’s side of the technology transformation – our training programs help businesses to up-skill or reskill their existing employees and use of technology to their maximum capacity. With real-world experience, the portfolio is aligned with security skills frameworks including NIST and CIISEC. It comprises the following security knowledge areas: Attack & Defense, Security Operations, ICS/SCADA protection, IIoT security, Digital Forensics & Incident Response, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Cyber Intelligence and Data Privacy.
  • Standard Courses: Training courses about soft skills

Q360 Company relies on the collaboration of an international network of professionals coming from the academic and business world as well as from consulting and sport backgrounds